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    When I met Wildfang it was kismet

    By Wildfang Family

    Kate Moennig (soon to be starring as Lena in Showtime’s new drama Ray Donovan) stopped by Wildfang HQ here in Portland to get the inside scoop on the tomboy movement that’s been brewing in the minds of co-founders Emma and Julia.

    “When [they] told me about their project I thought it was so of the moment – for women in general and also for fashion. I thought they had a great idea on their hands.”

    [photos by Lindsey Byrnes]

  • I'm at my best when i'm myself

    Given Kate’s style, attitude and ambition, it was obvious that she had to be involved. Lucky for us, Kate was just as committed to the movement. “When they approached me it was kismet. I wanted to be a part of this because it was something I would be interested in if I came across it online. I would’ve thought Shit, why aren’t I a part of this?”

    We’re so glad Kate decided to jump on the bandwagon. We can’t think of a more fitting person to represent Wildfang’s style and spirit. “When I was growing up I was certainly a tomboy. I could never have imagined sitting on the grass playing with a tea set, I’d rather have climbed a tree.”

    “I would always get into trouble for wearing motorcycle boots with my school uniform. I’d say ‘I won’t do it again.’ Then I’d turn up the next day doing the same thing.”

    Kate sums up the Wildfang ethos when she tells us, “I’m at my best when I’m myself.”

  • i love this town

    Portland is famous for its food carts, eclectic fashion, and open-mindedness. For these reasons it serves as an ideal launching pad for new business and progressive movements. The community constantly has its eyes peeled for trends before they’re trends and not only embraces, but celebrates fresh ideas.

    “I love Portland. It’s not my first visit. One of the best things about the city, aside from the amazing food, is that people have a really entrepreneurial spirit.”

    We had Kate team up with a gang of other influential tomboys for a video and photo shoot right here in Rip City where Wildfang was conceptualized.

    “The shoot was fantastic. The people were great, it was relaxed. I love this town.”

  • Fashion is about knowing what you like

    Though she’s effortlessly androgynous and consistently stylish, Kate’s look is deceivingly simple. “I don’t follow trends very often. I like things that are comfortable first and foremost, and have a nice fit.” She hit Wildfang’s mantra on the head, so styling her in some of our looks for the shoot was a piece of cake. From the Jason Scott cardigan to the pile of Love Nail Tree jewelry, she rocked every look like it was her last.

    In typical Portland fashion, Kate finds a lot of her favorite pieces thrifting. “The simpler the better. I do a lot of my shopping at thrift stores and online. If I find something I love, but it doesn’t have the perfect fit, I’ll get it tailored.”

    Spoken like a true wildfang, “Fashion is just knowing what you like and knowing what looks good on you.” Kate, you’ve stolen our little tomboy hearts!

  1. Will Kate have more photo shoot for Wildfang?