• Kate Moennig x Wildfang

    By Kat Maund

    Kate Moennig, one of our resident Wildfangs, collaborated with us and Modern Vice to design a pair of badass boots that we knew our tomboys would love. As one of our tomboy style icons, it seemed totally fitting to have Kate infuse her style into a Wildfang exclusive. She scored one pair and there are only five other pairs available for sale worldwide. They will be sold exclusively on our social channels, so be sure to watch Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for them on Friday!

  • Wear them in and break them down

    What inspires your style?

    “My inspiration is anything that fits well. I tend to gravitate towards tailored clothing and patterns. Simplicity is what I feel comfortable in. A pair of perfectly fitted broken in jeans is a fail safe go to. I find street style far more inspiring then anything else.”

    What inspired the design of the boots?

    “The boots remind me of an updated brogue/lacer boot. My style is understated so I wanted to go with a color that makes a statement in an understated way. I like boots a little dirty and lived in. That colored suede is going to look even more fantastic once I wear them in and break them down. My inspiration was a look that wasn’t precious. A color that I don’t often see that will look even better with age and wear.”

  • How To Get The Boots

    In order to get your paws on a pair of these badass boots, you’ll need a Chirpify account. It’s super easy to sign up and gives you access to Wildfang goods sold exclusively in our social streams. Here’s how it works:

    1. Sign up for a Chirpify account here and connect your social accounts.

    2. Complete your profile by adding your payment information. This part is super important so that you won’t miss out on Kate’s boots!

    3. Watch Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on Friday for the sale. There are only 5 pairs so keep your eyes peeled!