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We asked 5 people (with 5 different bodies) to try 5 of our bestselling button ups. Use this fit guide to find YOUR perfect fit.

Here's how:

1. Select your size range

2. Peep the model rocking each button up

3. Pick your fave + shop away


Shantel has a slender frame and often prefers rocking a more tailored close to body fit.
She/They are wearing size SMALL in all button ups.

Height:5’7" - Bust:32" - Waist:26" - Hips:33"

"For those days that I'm not feelin' a tailored, close to body fit- the Empower Button Up comes so clutch! I not only look put together, but have the comfort & ease of the relaxed fit, yet don't look like I'm swimming in it!"

Anna has a straighter frame with broad shoulders, and often has to size up because of this, but in our button up is rocking her normal size.
She is wearing size MEDIUM in all button ups.

Height: 5'9" - Bust: 36"- Waist:27" - Hips:39"

"I love a tailored button up, but find it challenging to find a fit that is comfortable all over- if one area fits, the other is a miss- love that the convertible b-up gives me the room I need while still maintaining that crisp classic button up look."

Meredith has a curvier frame and generally prefers a relaxed fit.
She is wearing size XLARGE in all button ups.

Height: 5’6” - Bust: 45” - Waist: 40” - Hips:50"

"Not only does the 12-way button up give me the room I need though the waist & hips, but I can also unbutton the front/back for that extra bit when needed- also love styling this one- so many options!"

Doriana has a curvier frame and prefers both a relaxed and form fit.
She/They are wearing size 2X in all button ups.

Height:5'8" - Bust: 49" - Waist: 43" - Hips: 54”

"I've always wanted to try a non traditional button up and the empower hits all the marks for me. Fits so well through the shoulders, yet has a slightly looser fit through the body, which gives me options when styling my looks"

Cynthia is curvy and short. She likes both a relaxed and more form fitted tops.
She is wearing size 3X in all button ups.

Height:5'3" - Bust: 52" - Waist: 45" - Hips: 57"

"Everyone needs that classic tailored button up! The darting allows for a better fit through the chest, making the "boob gap" non existent- definitely a challenge I face with most other button ups. I also love the added room through the hips"