1. Lisa Rose: Disability Rights Advocate, Total Policy Nerd, Taco Enthusiast, DD Dancing Queen

Height: 5’5”. Wearing the Empower Marble Long Blazer (XL)

"When I wear a suit I worry about being too dressy or too formal. I don’t like to be overdressed cause then I end up feeling self-conscious. That's why I love the pattern on this blazer, it instantly adds personality. The silhouette mixed with the marble print adds youth and edge to something that's typically 'serious'."

2. Ella: Arts Archivist, Scorpio Rising, Devoted Hoop Earring Wearer

Height: 5'1 (ish). Wearing the Empower Tux Blazer (XS) and Empower Crop Pant (2)

"I feel like sometimes my personal style gets lost in "professional" clothing but I love this classic suit. It feels personalized through the addition of some of my go-to pieces."

3. Cole: Cypher of Change, A Black Woman Changing the Landscape of Portland, Mother of a Phoenix

Height: 5'4. Wearing the Empower Vest (XXL) and the Empower Marble Crop Pant (20)

"Suiting is suitable everywhere! Mix + match it. Make it your own standard of playfulness. These pieces are brilliant, they make me feel like a superhero."

4. Sheareen: Mother, Connector, Skater for Life

Height: 5’1". Wearing: Empower Plaid Casual Blazer (XS) and Empower Plain Crop Pant (4)

"Most suits are boring as hell, that scares me, but this suit is badass. The amazing blue plaid fabric is far from boring and the cut manages to feel modern and old school punk all at once."

5. Noelle / AKA Epochal Void: Artist , Gallerist, Chameleon

Height: 5’10”. Wearing the Empower Floral Tux Blazer (M)

"I’ve always been afraid of looking too domineering or masculine in a suit jacket, but find myself embracing the 80s power suit anyway!"

6. Gail: 7th Grade Math and AVID Teacher, Collector of Snowmen, and Halloween Birthday Baby

Height: 5’8”. Wearing the Empower Casual Blazer (XL) and Empower Trouser (14)

"I felt that wearing a suit might make me look too formal for my middle school students, where my age already separates me, but when I put this on I see that I can be “on-trend”, comfortable, casual, and still professional in a way that elevates my look without seeming too formal."

7. Janae: Student and Artist, Most Likely Listening to Smooth Jazz or Acknowledging a Dog Before Their Owner

Height: 5’10. Wearing the Wild Feminist Blazer (M)

"I love suiting because I love being able to express my feminine and masculine energies. Not to mention the versatility of suiting, you can keep it casual with some sneakers or dress it up with some nice heels."

  1. The Empower Floral Crop Pant
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  2. The Empower Plaid Crop Pant
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  3. The Empower Floral Casual Blazer
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  4. The Empower Marble Long Blazer
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  5. The Empower Floral Tux Blazer
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