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5 Ways to Wear a Blazer & Find Your Style

The diverse types of blazers have made this piece a wardrobe staple. The mere act of pulling on a blazer coat exudes boss energy. But you don’t have to reserve the blazers in your closet for your time spent in the office. Far from the stiff, corporate dress codes they’re associated with, blazers are versatile pieces you can incorporate into any outfit for an instant boost of that CEO confidence, whether you’re heading to do some post-brunch window shopping oractuallyabout to spearhead your brand’s biggest launch yet.

So, how do you create a blazer look that feels new and unique while taking inspiration from the blazer’s traditional past? Simply take a basic look and turn it on its head. 

To get your style gears turning, we’ve put together five fresh ways for how to wear a blazer.

#1 Casual

Rose brown vegan leather blazer

Who knew the classic blazer could be the perfect addition to any casual outfit? Perhaps you’re heading out to the best local spot for bottomless mimosas, or maybe you’re eyeing the newest collections at your local boutique. Either way, having a blazer up your sleeve can help you add some confidence to your casual look in a snap.

The best part of this look is that it’s unbelievably easy to achieve. Simply take your preferred casual attire and slip your blazer on over top. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Pull on your favorite tee. Graphic or plain, bold or muted, it doesn’t matter—play to the colors & icons that suit your style.
  • Style your go-to jeans. Try a distressed pair to emphasize the low-key nature of this look, or grab a more structured denim for that classic charm.
  • Step into sneakers. Wear a colorful pair here for added visual interest, or just pull on your standard kicks. It’s that easy.
  • Finally, pull on your blazer over the T-shirt. That’s it—you’re ready to rock this blazer and denim ensemble no matter where the day takes you.

If it’s currently a little warmer in your part of the world, you can just as easily pull off this casual look with shorts. Try pairing sleek black bike shorts with a patterned blazer. The many styles and types of blazers allow room to tailor any casual look to your own taste.

#2 Date Night 

If you’re wondering how to style a blazer for an outing or date night, it’s no sweat. For both occasions, the blazer brings an element structured style—the trick is to transform your blazer into the top itself.

Though blazers began as a form of outerwear, we’re going for the opposite here. After all, when it comes to subverting the rules of fashion, you need only ask if your twist on a piece would be unthinkable to those who invented it. And the natural next step here is to wear yours as abase layer. 

Wherever your next date night takes place, the blazer-as-a-top look is a bold style guaranteed to turn heads. Try on these pairings to start with:

  • Make a statement with a blazer in a bright solid color or a luxe fabric like velvet. A printed or cropped blazer can also be a bold statement piece.
  • Pair with stilettos and matching slacks for all-out sophistication, or wear it with that one pair of jeans that fits like a glove.

What if you want to incorporate the blazer into your date-night look, but prefer a little more coverage underneath? We’ve got you covered:

  • Throw it on over a bralette—lace, satin, or floral details can add cool juxtaposition to the more structured blazer.
  • Try a bodysuit for more coverage that won’t bunch up underneath.

#3 In the Boardroom

Black and rose brown colorblock blazer

So, say youare heading up that next big proposal at work. Is the classic blazer still a good choice? Absolutely. The key here is to wear it in a way that gives you the most confidence. AKA, it shouldn’t turn you into someone else—it should make you feel like the most boss version of yourself.

A head-to-toe suit is an effortless foundation to personalize through accessories. It goes like this:

  • Start with a button-up in a color of your choice. Neutrals play into the classic vibe of this attire, while brights and patterns add an unexpected twist to office wear.
  • Suit up with a blazer and matching trousers (tie optional). Here, you can experiment with different fits—a tailored, slim-fitting suit or oversized with wide-legged bottoms. The sky’s the limit.
  • Step into oxfords or heels to finish the look.
  • If desired, get a touch of glam through jewelry—a wristwatch or a simple chain necklace can add some understated polish without overpowering.

All that’s left is to wear it like you mean it—and watch as everyone at the conference table hangs on your every word.

#4 Casual Preppy

Sometimes, you need a casual fit with a little something extra—clothing that still feels laidback enough for daily wear, but with an extra lift to your daily look. A blazer fits right into any casual preppy outfit to give you an elevated take on the everyday.

When styling, start with these essentials:

  • Pull on an oxford button-up. Leaving one or two buttons undone emphasizes the casual nature of this look (no tie needed here).
  • Pair with slacks of your choice. A non-matching color or pattern helps this outfit to feel less straightlaced, but so can the materials. If you’re up for a twist, try something unexpected, like pairing a velvet cropped pant with a patterned blazer.
  • Step into loafers, and you’re ready to go.

You can add extra interest to your look with accessories. Swap out your loafers with bold platform boots, or add a badass thick chain necklace. As long as your additions feel true to you, they’re guaranteed to be a win.

#5 Comfortable

If you find the idea of suits a little stiff, you might be skeptical about whether blazers belong in a comfortable outfit. But we’re here to tell you that blazers can make even the most understated, comfortable clothing feel intentional—all without feeling like you’re wearing something constricting.

The key here is the fit. If comfort’s your priority, go for an oversized blazer that fits a little more loosely. Layer it on over:

  • A pair of soft but stylish drawstring pants
  • A tank, tee, or crop top
  • Chunky sneakers or platform slip-ons

If you want an outfit that’s a little more airy, try swapping out your usual blazer for a matching oversized blazer vest and prepare to show the world that kickass style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive.

Is There a Right Way to Wear a Blazer?

This wardrobe staple has proven that it's here to stay, with many styles, fits, prints, and more. Not to mention the versatility of the classic gray, blue, or black blazer itself to create endless styling options. So, bottom line: Is there a right way to wear a blazer? The answer isyes—the way that makes you feel confident, stylish, and comfortable.

Go on, break the rules—WILDFANG has your back. 

Whether you want to go fashion-forward with an oversized blazer and bike shorts or full-on chic with a matching tux-style blazer and slacks, we’ve got the right blazers and accessories to take your look to the next level. Plus, you can wear your look with pride knowing all of our pieces are climate neutral certified. 

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