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6 Types of Blazers to Elevate Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes have been around for a while now, and it’s understandable why people love them. They often include a rotation of easily-paired items that allow you to effortlessly assemble everyday outfits—tops, bottoms, shoes, and in many cases, a blazer or two.

That said, if you’ve browsed the web for capsule wardrobe ideas, you may find yourself underwhelmed by all the plain neutrals and basic silhouettes. How can you express yourself fully while taking advantage of the ease of a capsule wardrobe?

Remember that blazer we mentioned earlier? It’s a piece that blends well with any outfit, casual or professional—and altogether, it’s a prime canvas for bold expression. We're not necessarily talking about the office suit jacket or blazer coat with matching trousers, although you can always count on a matching set. Whether you opt for classic black that complements everything in your capsule or a statement blazer that stands out, we’ve curated six different types of blazers to spark inspiration.

#1 Mod Print Blazer

Double breasted mod print blazer suit set

Of all the types of blazers out there, we’re starting with a printed blazer for a reason—to highlight that neutrals are far from the only option when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. 

This long-line, double-breasted mod print blazer features hues of turquoise, orange, black, and mauve, all colors you can complement (or contrast) with the rest of your wardrobe. Its bold, geometric shapes and oversized fit nod to the style of the sixties with an oversized modern feel.

Try rotating this printed blazer with other capsule pieces, such as:

  • A white button-up shirt (a capsule wardrobe essential, to be sure)
  • A bold pair of matching printed slacks
  • A black tank, tee, or crop top
  • Pants in one of the blazer’s main colors
  • A gold chain necklace

As a bonus, this blazer features a hidden element that makes it even more versatile: you can tuck the pockets in to transform into a more streamlined silhouette.

#2 Velvet Double-Breasted Blazer

Smooth to the eye as it is ultra touchable, a velvet blazer is one you’ll wish you had in your wardrobe long ago—not just because of how it looks, but also because of how you feel when you wear it.  

This mauve velvet blazer is a double-breasted version with an oversized fit that usually hits right at the upper thigh. Combined with the unexpected fabric of this piece, it’ll instantly have your outfit looking lesstraditional and morenext-century

Try this blazer with other interesting capsule additions, such as:

  • Black leather pants for a fun combination of textures
  • Matching mauve velvet pants (again, a prime option for mixing and matching)
  • Shiny silver accessories, like belts, necklaces, and earrings—either light and dainty or big and heavy
  • A monochrome top-and-bottom base to set off the eye-catching mauve color (try all black or all white to start)

#3 Patterned Twill Blazer

White and green patterned twill blazer

Though blazers began as a form of outerwear (believe it or not, they were invented for boating) the right kind can just as easily fit into your warmer-weather wardrobe. This unlined patterned twill blazer comes in a soft cotton stretch fabric and a sage green pattern that complements plenty of your other staples in a cinch.

Just a few of the many ways you can wear this piece in your capsule include:

  • As a unique suit, with matching patterned twill pants and a sage green button-up
  • As an everyday look, combined with sneakers, jeans, and tee
  • As a preppy casual look, with tailored black trousers and an oxford shirt

Don’t be afraid to style this piece with some of your brighter capsule pieces, too. The green and cream colors in this suit might pair well with bright magenta or violet, for instance—but feel free to imagine new combinations all your own.

#4 Vegan Leather Tux Blazer

Rose brown vegan leather blazer

Patterns certainly have a hand in keeping your capsule wardrobe interesting, but so do the materials your clothing is made from. A premium material can take a timeless and classic blazer style—the tuxedo cut—and turn it into something totally unique. The vegan leather tux blazer is just one example, but it’s also another highly flexible piece to add to your wardrobe.

You can wear this transformative leather blazer with all sorts of styles:

  • If you’re aiming for casual with an extra touch of polish, try it over a hoodie and wide-leg jeans. 
  • Wear the blazer as a top with nothing underneath (or with a bralette, if you prefer) for a sexy night-out look, paired with black trousers, heels, and a long necklace.
  • Try it with a black top, matching vegan leather pants, and lace-up platform boots for a look as compelling as it is versatile.

#5 Colorblock Blazer

Orange and black colorblock blazer

Trade your understated neutral blazer for acolorblock version for a true standout capsule item. The vivid color and inset stripe will draw eyes from all sides, and the tux-style cut means this piece will combine equally well with a formal look as with your daily wear.

If you want to know how to wear a blazer with bold colors or style such as a colorblock, try styling this blazer:

  • As a matching set, with a sheer button-up and block heels
  • With black jeans and knee-high boots
  • Over a black shirt dress with ankle boots
  • Contrasted with another vibrant color top underneath
  • Set off by a white turtleneck

#6 Oversized Blazer Vest

Teal oversized blazer vest

While the patterned, leather, and cropped blazer dominated the fashion scene for a while, a different type of blazer has made its way. Oversized blazers are everywhere this year, and for good reason—the look gives any outfit that extra dash of flair without sacrificing comfort and ease. But there’s another new trend you can get ahead of when curating your capsule wardrobe collection—the oversized blazervest.

Oversized vests are exactly how they sound. It’s essentially the same silhouette, but without the sleeves. A marine or rose brown piece can add some color to your rotation even if you like to keep some neutrals in rotation underneath.  

Wear your blazer vest over other pieces that easily pair, such as:

  • piped shirt dress and platform boots
  • short-sleeved button-up in a contrasting pattern, plus tailored trousers
  • A vintage graphic tee, ripped jeans, and sneakers
  • A pair of matching drawstring pants and ankle boots

Tips for Wearing Blazers in a Casual Capsule Wardrobe

If your capsule wardrobe is geared more toward casual pieces you can wear daily (because, let’s face it, few of us attend galas that often) you may wonder if a classic blazer can still complement a low-key casual outfit. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, one of the best blazer elements is their flexibility. Some may choose to stay away from this staple because they might not know how to style a blazer for different occasions. The truth is that the right blazer can create endless options for outfits. 

Of course, not all of the different types of blazers are created equal—and some may work better in formal or informal settings than others. But with the right styling, even the most formal blazer can be worn with a creative streetwear look.

Here are our top tips for how to play with traditional rules that can help you put your blazer on repeat:

  • Pair with your everyday wear – To get the most out of this wardrobe item, don’t be afraid to think outside of the boardroom. Instead of reserving your blazers for days when you need to be more dressed up, try incorporating them into everyday looks with t-shirts and jeans, crop tops and bike shorts, fun and unique dresses with sneakers or platform sandals. A blazer adds an element of confidence to any laidback look, helping even your most casual outfits to feel purposeful and powerful.
  • Experiment with accessories – One factor that can keep a capsule wardrobe outfit from falling flat is the accessories you rotate in with your looks. When you’re creating a blazer look, try on accessories you wouldn’t normally combine with it—such as a choker necklace or chunky lace-up boots. These unexpected elements can help each rotation of your blazer feel brand new and add a new visual appeal each time you wear it.
  • Try pairing with colors and prints– Neutral tones and solid colors tend to read more formal than prints and patterns. Use bright colors and patterns as a fun way to shake up more formal looks. Colorful blazers are also a way to show your individuality when business wear is required. But remember that colors and prints can also make an impact when they’re muted and subtle—you might not be visible from the next block, but your style will be appreciated by everyone you’re shaking hands with at your next event. 

Find Your Forever Piece With WILDFANG

The right blazer can always complement any outfit. Every wardrobe needs a blazer or two (or three)—they’re the easiest, most comfortable way to elevate any outfit. And whether you go for subtle and understated or loud, patterned, and colorful, the most important factor is that your blazer feels like a piece you’d wear daily, if the situation calls for it. That’s the true definition of a capsule piece: one that’s not only effortless, but that’s also one you love to wear.

Still not sure how to wear a blazer? Or how to style a blazer for an important event? Whether your vibe is fitted or relaxed, sharp or sweet, WILDFANG is here to help you embrace it.

Shop our blazer collection today to find that just-right piece for you, along with tops, bottoms, and accessories to build exactly the look you want. Whatever your style, we’re your fashion home.


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