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How to Layer Clothes for All 4 Seasons

Looking for a fashion hack to elevate your style effortlessly? We’ve got one word for you: layering.You can layer t-shirts, button up shirts, vests, jackets—you name it. No matter the season, layering clothes is the easiest way to instantly take any ‘fit from plain to polished. 

And it’s about more than just style and keeping up with fashion trends. Layering clothes also helps you stay warm in winter’s cold air, cool in summer, and protected from the elements all year round. 

If you’re wondering how to layer clothes all 365 days of the year, you’ve come to the right place. From spring to winter, rain or shine, we’ve curated a collection of tips to help you layer clothing during any season.

Navy/neon green mesh blazer suit

Spring Fashion

Frosty mornings that slide right into sunny, sweating-in-your-cardigan or sweater vest in the afternoons—we see you, spring. At this time of year, you need an outfit that’s ready for anything Mother Nature brings.

  • Think easy on, easy off– Choose layers you can change up quickly and won’t leave your outfit looking unfinished. Blazers and flannel shirts are easier to remove than leggings, for example.
  • Plan for changing conditions– One minute sunshine, the next rain—that’s spring. A light weatherproof jacket is never a bad idea and provides a put-together finishing touch for any outfit. 
  • Add color– Spring is the perfect time to add more pops of color to your look. Feeling inspired? Try experimenting with prints and patterns during this season. 

Spring Layering Looks

A fresh season like spring invites an array of new layering options: 

  • Tank top over long sleeves– Ready to bust out your tank collection, but the weather’s not quite cooperating? Layer atank,sleeveless button up, or even asatin cami over a thin long-sleeve tee. A lightweight biker jacket orshacket can add a little bit of edge and warmth.
  • A blazer, tee, and midi skirt– A tee and blazer pair perfectly with awrap midi skirt for a look that’s as easy and breezy as the farmers market you’re about to stroll through. Dress it up with boots or down with sneakers. 
  • Crop top and wide-leg trousers– The temperatures don’t have to rise to the summer occasion to pull out that adorable crop top from your closet. In the spring, pair it withwide-leg trousers to keep your bottom half warm. 


Cubic patterned satin cami

Summer Fashion

Layered looks don’t all have to be warming. When you choose a breezy fabric and looser fit, a layered look can be both practicaland stylish when the temperatures climb.

  • Go for lighter colors – Dark colors absorb heat and can make you feel even hotter, while light colors reflect heat to keep you cooler. If you’re going to be spending a while basking in the direct sun, sophisticated whites and neutrals can help cool down your body temperature.
  • Keep it loose– Looser cuts and fits like thesechambray drawstring pants allow air to circulate around your body and between layers, letting heat dissipate faster. Opt for a looser, straight-lined silhouette instead of a form-fitting look when you want to stay cooler in a layered look.
  • Choose light fabrics– Breathable fibers like cotton and linen are good for summer layers because they allow more airflow. Think effortless cotton tees andbreezy button ups for summer layering. Learn how to style a button up shirt for any occasion and season in our styling tips guide.

Summer Layering Looks

Here are a few of our favorite layering looks for summertime: 

  • Coveralls over a bralette– A colorful bralette under a roomy pair of coveralls offers laid-back comfort with just a hint of skin.
  • A crop top with high-waisted trousers– Pair wide-legged trousers with a printed crop top or bralette. Top with avest or anundone button up for daytime or a lightweight blazer for traversing the cool summer night. 
  • A layered romper or summer dress– For summer nights, top a breezyshirt dress or romper with a denim jacket or utility vest for that just-right blend of casual flow and structured fit.
Denim long sleeve work shirt

Fall Fashion

Ah, fall—the season when you never quite know whether you’ll be sweating or shivering when you leave the house. Luckily, layering is here to save the day.

  • Start with a warm base layer – Choosing a thick and warm innermost layer helps hold in heat during chilly fall days. Adenim long sleeve shirt or acotton button up can help insulate your layered look while adding structure to the whole outfit. 
  • Go for flannel or heavier fabrics – Flannel and denim work well for fall layering because they're durable and hold in heat. Whether you opt for flannel shirts ordenim coveralls, both provide built-in warmth. 

Fall Layering Looks

Ready to layer up your ideal fall ‘fit? Take a look at these ideas: 

  • A blazer over a button up shirt– Set the foundation with an essential and eye-catching button up shirt in classic white or anappealing pattern. Layer a blazer over it, and blaze through the day, winning best-dressed everywhere. 
  • Short sleeves over long– Layer ashort-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeve tee to add visual interest and dimension to a fall ‘fit. Try rolling the cuffs of your overshirt back once or twice to show off your base layer. Or, trade the tee for anoversized vest and rock a uniquely sophisticated look. 

Winter Fashion

When the real cold weather arrives, don’t just throw on your puffer for your outermost layer and call it a day. Winter is an opportunity to get truly creative with your layered outfit choices.

  • Thinkbase, middle, outer – Winter layering works well in three layers. Try a thin-but-warm base layer like a cotton undershirt, a pullover for your middle layer, and finish with a cozy and stylish outer shell, like a thickcotton coat.
  • Choose warming fabrics– Materials with fluffy fibers are ideal for cold weather because they trap tiny pockets of air to create a warm, insulated layer around your body. Think fleece, vegan leather, or polyester when you’re looking for extra warming power.

Winter Layering Looks

When the snow starts falling, break out these essential winter layering looks: 

  • Knitwear under a blazer– Pair a turtleneck ormock neck with an oversized sweater in a contrasting color. Layer on a blazer to add structure and extra warmth. Finish with a polished pair of fitted trousers and your snazziest boots. 
  • A satin button up, coveralls, and a blazer– If it’s not too brisk outside or you’re spending more time by the fire indoors than outside in the snow, add some shimmer to your look with asatin button up. Addstylish coveralls over top, and finish the look with a blazer strung casually over your shoulder. 
  • A hoodie under a vegan leather coat– This layered winter look lets you play with the balance between casual and dressy, pairing your favorite hoodie under a sweepingvegan leather coat. The look is both warm and effortlessly cool. 

Layer On Your Style with WILDFANG

With these layering tricks, you’re ready to mix and match your way through every season. The layered look lets you wear more of your favorite piecesandreimagine them in entirely different ensembles. 

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