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4 Gender-Neutral Prom Attire Ideas for Those Born to Stand Out

Before prom season rolls around, your primary assignment is to find the right outfit for the special night. But after endlessly scrolling through TikToks and Pinterest boards for the latest trends, you still haven’t found a style that resonates. Fear not—the world is changing and welcoming a fresh, free expression of style and self on this special night.

The “traditional” prom attire is certainly not the only way to get glammed up. Real self-expression comes not from following the pack, but from forging your own way. (Rules were meant to be broken, after all.) 

What to wear to prom? You don't have to settle with the classic prom gown or prom suit. Here are four gender-neutral prom outfits to inspire and empower you to be you. Whether you choose a classic suit, a top-tier prom dress, or an eclectic mix of styles all your own, we’re here to help you turn heads (in a good way) and strut your stuff.

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#1 The Classic Buttoned-Up Shirt

Pink satin button up

Whether you’re trying to achieve an Old Hollywood aesthetic or channel one of Zendaya’s edgy red carpet looks, a simple buttoned-up shirt suit is an iconic gender-neutral prom outfit that works for any formal occasion. 

A tailored fit, a touch of stretch, and deep, roomy pockets for your throwback polaroid camera offer a neutral, classy fit that ages to perfection in prom photos. Add a pair of leather shoes and a hat to elevate the final look. 

#2 The Bold Statement Blazer

Black blazer with white button up

If a classic black tuxedo feels too tame for your colorful aura, opt for a statement suit that showcases your personality and sets you apart from the crowd. Statement suits use one or two striking elements to draw the eye, create harmony, and add flair, employing elements like: 

For those feeling somewhere in between bold and classic, mix and match a statement  blazer coat with black pants for an unexpected hybrid look.

#3 The Dress

There’s plenty of unique dresses, but once you find  the one, don’t ever let it go. A dress is capable of defying fashion norms, despite its simplicity. (Let’s not forget Lady Gaga’s iconicraw-meat regalia.) Anyone can rock a dress at prom—and look absolutely stellar doing it. 

Long gatekept to the domain of women’s attire only, the dress is growing into a revolutionary new era of gender fluidity and expression. So now, the only rule is, if you’re feelingyourself in a dress, then youwearthat dress! 

#4 The Jumpsuit

Denim coverall

A strikingly contemporary outfit that comes in all kinds of silhouettes and is a long-time gender-neutral staple. Count us in. 

From high-waisted formal attire to relaxed fit flair, jumpsuits offer comfort and style in one convenient piece. Dial up the wow factor with accessories from hats and heels to jewelry and wristwatches, and you’re ready to step out in a look that will 

Tips for Looking (and Feeling) Your Best at Prom

Heading into one of the biggest nights of the year can make anyone feel anxious. Calm the nerves and soothe the soul with these tips for feeling confident at prom.

  1. Buy the outfit early – There’s nothing more intense than running all over the mall on the morning of prom, searching for the elusive “perfect look.” Save the stress and cop the fit at least a week in advance for a headache-free leadup to prom.
  2. Level up your positive self-talk – With so much emphasis on the aesthetic, prom can feel a little stressful. So don’t forget to pump yourself up with plenty of positive self-talk leading up to the big night. Try nightly journaling, power posing, and daily affirmations. 
  3. Surround yourself with friends – The dilemma of who you’ll bring to the dance can feel like a large one, but let us put you onto a secret: When you look back on prom, you’ll remember the good times with close friends, not the drama between friends-of-friends. Grab yourpeopleand don’t worry about the rest.

Don't Let the World Tell You How to Dress

With such a long-standing tradition of—well, traditionprom can feel stifling for someone born to stand out from the crowd. But we’re here to empower you with fashion choices that help you express your truest self, without conforming to what’s been. 

At WILDFANG, we’re making gender norms a thing of the past, one stitch at a time. The result? Gender-neutral outfits that make you feel likeyouon your most dolled-up nights or kicked-back days. 

Whether it’s prom, a wedding, or graduation, show up on your big days in a way that feels comfortable and empowering to you. We’re taking fashion back from gender norms. Now, the only choice to make is what feels incredible to wear.

Shop our collection and put together your most on-point prom fit today.


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