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Gender-Neutral Outfits & Finding Your Personal Style

As modern culture loosens its grip on gender norms and welcomes a world of gender fluidity, the fashion industry is first to the table. WILDFANG has been pushing these boundaries since 2013, making headway in self-expression through personal style. But now more than ever before we’re seeing fashion brands and designers embrace gender-neutral outfits, inviting individuals to convey their most authentic expression. Key figures and designers, like Harry Styles, Stella Mccartney, and Harris Reed, help normalize and spearhead the wave for gender-neutral clothes in daily wear.

This lush new land of androgynous dressing and genderblending is new to many, so it’s entirely understandable if you don’t know where to start with gender-neutral fashion.

Luckily, like gender itself, style is fluid and limitless. 

Unraveling societal constructs takes time, as does discovering your gender-fluid style. But not to worry. We’re here with genderblending style tips to start you on your path to genderless fashion. 

Finding Yourself Through Fashion

Black coveralls with a white shirt layered underneath

Defining your personal style is not unlike discovering your gender expression—it usually doesn’t happen overnight. Especially when standards for what’s considered “gender-appropriate” still linger in the fashion industry. 

Interestingly, clothing didn’t always have gender stereotypes. In fact, many ancient civilizations used gender-neutral clothing all the way up until the 14th century. 

One of the ways you can express your true self through genderless fashion is by going back to your own roots. And we don’t necessarily mean how you dressed as a child or what era you grew up in. It’s about connecting with your most genuine, authentic self to allow your personal style to come to the surface. 

You can get a feel for your style by asking yourself a few questions: 

  • Do I lean towards femme, masc, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Do I prefer eccentric patterns or basic prints?
  • Do I feel most confident in bold colors or classic neutrals?
  • Do I like loose-fitting or form-fitting clothes?
  • What types of fabrics make me feel comfortable and confident?

If you feel on the fence about any of these questions, that’s okay! Start with one and experiment from there. And above all, trust your gut. 

The brilliant thing about fluid fashion expression is that it’s just that: fluid.Choosing clothes never has to be definitive. Your style can evolve and change however often you’d like it to, and that’s exciting! 

How to Develop Your Personal Style

Floral short sleeve button up layered over a long sleeve

Once you’ve got a general feel for your style, keep that forward momentum moving and chip away at it. Your style starts like a seed. It’s your job to water it, nurture it, and uncover what helps it grow. (And it’s a reallyfun job.) 

Here are a few ways to help hone your personal style: 

  • Experiment with different looksOnce you feel comfortable with your foundation of expression, form, and fabrics, build upon them by testing out other designs that speak to you. While you may not resonate with every aspect of a particular style, you can pick and choose your favorite components and create your own.
  • Let go of preconceived notionsRelease the echoes of a bygone binary-fashion era. The “Ghost of Gendered Clothing Past” may come back and tempt you with department-store sections or “flattering figure” promises, but don’t listen. Instead, remember that just aseveryone’s gender is fluid, the same goes for clothing—and every human is welcome to every rack.
  • Go out of your comfort zoneFinding your personal style is a thrilling expedition of self-celebration. Leave no stone unturned on your journey. Perhaps dressing unconventionally brings you even more freedom of expression. Color outside the lines and take your style to places that you never imagined it could go. 

You’ll know you’re moving in the right direction when you create outfits that speak to your soul. Keep listening to that voice, and you can’t lose. 

4 Gender-Neutral Outfit Ideas

Need help with the first fit? Not to worry. We’ve gathered a few outfit ideas to kick off your genderblended collection. Whether you prefer minimalistic nuance or badass flair, we’ve got you covered. 

#1 Classic

Black blazer with mesh top underneath

If you’re just dipping your toe into a genderblended style, timeless garments provide an excellent place to start. They’re chic, work-appropriate, and personalizable to fit your most euphoric expression.

The best part? They’re called classicsfor a reason: they never go out of style. Pad your wardrobe with these staples for timeless pieces you can style, layer, and vogue in for years.

Mix and match these pieces into a classically you look: 

  • CoverallsAn article of clothing once worn for physical labor has blossomed into an iconic outfit for everyone to don. This classic has become a streetwear staple that boasts casual comfort and versatility. Wear it to work, a night out with friends, or lounging around the house. 
  • Button-upsFor a clean, classy look, button-ups remain a top pick for gender-neutral dressers everywhere.If you’re ready to break the mold, shop our bold prints and patterns like our floral short-sleeve button-up. They provide a functional foundation for lots of fun layering, or a breezy, approachable vibe when worn on their own. 
  • BlazersNothing delivers sexy swagger quite like a blazer coat. Give this professional piece an androgynous twist by opting for emphasized shoulders, eye-catching patterns, or an oversized fit. Become a power-move personified. 
  • Mock neck tankFor a subtle stylistic choice, amock neck tank can open a world of fashionable opportunities. With a classic neckline perfect for layering necklaces and daring tank-top style, you can show off your armsand your style at the same time. Talk about a win-win. 

Whether worn to the office or a night out, these classics can leave you feeling confident, comfortable, and cohesive. 

#2 Bold

Express yourself in a monumental way by turning heads with bold fashion choices. Because now that we’ve broken the “rules” of gendered clothing, we’re creating an endless playground for self-expression. The result? Fashion exalted

With bold outfits, you can have fun choosing accessories, colors, and patterns as bright and extravagant as your personality—or even simply to match your mood for the day. 

Challenge the status quo by opting for unique clothing with bold:

  • TextureSubvert expectations and sport surprising texture combinations. Impress at a wedding or cocktail party with a velvet tuxedo or sheer button-up top. Or mix “traditional” femme and masc fabrics into a true genderblended masterpiece. 
  • ConstructionPush the boundaries of conventional attire by opting for distinctive shapes and structures. A sleeveless blazer, for instance, provides a dangerously powerful look. Or, a corset layered over a unique dress or button-up shirts can add visual interest to your look. 
  • PatternColorful prints and patterns provide an easy and playful way to show off your personality. Opt for a matching suit for a chic, put-together look, or go even bolder by mixing and matching your patterns. If you’re turning heads, you’re doing it right. 

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a bold wardrobe is  worth at least double. Show the world your big personality without saying a single word. 

#3 Neutral

Black vest and denim jeans

Neutrals pave a smooth style avenue for those searching for non-binary outfits. Not only do neutrals provide effortless style and comfort, but they’re known to expertly toe the line between femme and masc expressions. 

If you’re looking to evoke a chic, genderblended look, consider trying on the following: 

  • TrousersIf you’re looking for maximum comfort and minimal fuss, trousers can deliver. Pair them with a hoodie or classic tee for casual wear, or dress them up with a satin button-up.
  • VestsVests supply a valuable service to gender-neutral dressers everywhere. Not only do they make a perfect layering piece, but they also provide a form-fitting option without feeling too restrictive. Live in stylish androgyny with the utmost chill. 
  • ShacketsKeep your personal style intact even when the cold weather comes around with a shirt that doubles as a jacket (also known as a shacket). Feel empowered while standing tall with a loose-fitting structure and a sleek vertical line. 
  • Long dressWhile some may still associate dresses with a more femme expression, don’t let that deter you from giving them a whirl. Opting for long, formless apparel like a long sleeve shirt dress challenges expectations and builds a totally unexpected look. Pair it with trousers for a grunge-inspired, gender-neutral fit. 

#4 Accessories

No outfit looks complete without an accessory or two. While toying around with jewelry and hair accessories definitely has its place in androgynous fashion, it’s not the only way forward. 

Explore unconventional and aesthetic accessories such as:

Your fashion sense should make a statement. So why not say it all with eclectic pieces that feel like a material representation of you? Your look won’t just start conversations. They’ll empower every person in the room. 

Fashion Is Fluid, And So Are You

The fashion world has evolved for the better over the years. As the gap between gendered clothing shrinks, more individuals are discovering what makes them feel confident, comfortable, and authentically themselves. 

Gender expression is eternally changing. Find clothes that change with you

At WILDFANG, we pride ourselves on our sustainable, diverse apparel that doesn’t conform to societal constructs and bygone traditions. We support the modern-day dreamer who wants to break free of the molds and dress for themselves. Discover gender-neutral formal wear outfit ideas or check out our entire collection


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