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The Rise of Gender Fluid Fashion

Gender-fluid fashion is a truly transformative movement that is making waves in the fashion industry. It challenges traditional gender norms by offering clothing options that are not bound by traditional masc or femme styles. At its core, gender-fluid fashion celebrates self-expression, diversity, and inclusivity for everyone. It empowers individuals to break free from societal expectations and express themselves freely through our clothing choices.

But calling it the “latest fashion trend” feels inauthentic. WILDFANG has been creating gender-free clothing for over 10 years, pushing the boundaries so everyone can wear something that feels amazing and unique, andso them

What some may consider a fleeting moment in fashion, we say otherwise. Gender-fluid fashion will continue to thrive and find new ground in cutting-edge silhouettes and aesthetics. Let’s dive into gender fluidity in history and how it’s shaping modern-day outfits that you can rock confidently.

What is Gender Fluidity?

Gender fluidity is an identity that breaks the mold of traditional binary gender roles. It’s rooted in the idea that gender identity and gender expression are on a spectrum that’s ever-changing and free. You don’t have to confine yourself to titles and labels. Instead, you can adopt a new perspective that you change over time.

Ultimately, we have the power to decide and define ourselves based on our choices, which can be applied to our gender expression as well.

The concept of gender fluidity challenges the idea that gender is fixed and unchanging. Instead, it acknowledges that gender is a complex and multifaceted identity that can evolve over time, just like us

History of Gender Fluidity in Fashion

Gender-fluid fashion has gained traction in recent years, but dressing in gender-nonconforming ways is not a new concept. Throughout history, iconic individuals have challenged societal gender norms and expressed themselves through their clothing choices.

As early as the 18th century, women began wearing conventional masc clothing like waistcoats and trousers. A trendsetter in this movement is Mademoiselle de Raucourt, a French actress identified as one of the first cross-dressers in fashion history. The concept continued into the 19th century, with pioneers such as Susan B. Anthony and Amelia Bloomer who advocated for greater gender equality. They marched forward for equal rights and convenient clothing such as the "bloomer" pants.

Gender-bending styles emerged in the punk and grunge subcultures of the 20th century, where subculture members challenged societal rules and expectations, including fashion. Androgynous styles, such as baggy clothing and short haircuts, became increasingly popular as designers like Vivienne Westwood put genderless clothing on the runway.

Today, gender-fluid fashion continues to evolve and gain popularity. Designers and brands are starting to stylegender-neutral outfits on different bodies, but we need to do better. This industry has the power to influence society to become more inclusive and accepting. We are proud to be a part of that movement with our gender-free clothing line.

WILDFANG is leading the charge, offering clothing that is not limited to traditional gender roles and promoting a more inclusive fashion landscape.

How to Create Gender-Fluid Looks

You don’t have to break the bank searching for a new wardrobe that feels more fluid. Look at closet staples like an oversized coat or wide-legged trousers that can serve as the foundation for your outfit. There’s no rules when it comes to fashion so you can:

  • Redefine traditionally gendered clothing: Get rid of the idea that blazers must be paired with slacks and dresses should have a cardigan on top. Explore new outfit ideas like ablazer coatwith a skirt, or wear aunique dress over slouchy jeans. Harry Styles is one of our favorite celebs for fashion inspiration with looks that can easily be replicated with your wardrobe staples.you can be inspired by and emulate his look.
  • Make your mark with accessories: Accessories can be a great way to incorporate gender fluidity into your wardrobe. Try adding a statement piece, such as a bold necklace to show off your neckline while wearing asatin cami. You can also elevate your look with acollar chain that goes well with anybutton-up.
  • Shop from gender-neutral brands: We’ve seen brands boast about their “gender-neutral” designs. However, expectations fall flat when their clothes look like they’re trying to hide our bodies rather than embrace them. Find a brand like WILDFANG where we prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our designs so everyone can feel their best with premium clothes that last a lifetime.
  • Embrace self-expression: At the end of the day, fashion is all about expressing yourself. Don't be afraid to try different styles, prints, silhouettes, and aesthetics. Maybe you’ll find an unexpected pairing that feelsso right when you put it on. We want everyone to have that magical moment every day.

Why is Gender Fluid Fashion So Important?

Gender-fluid fashion represents so much history and celebrates individuality. Our founders, Julia and Emma, grew frustrated trying to shop for styles at the Men’s department, where the clothes weren’t designed with their body types in mind. But their grandmothers, who made great strides in the 1950s through their closets and careers, inspired them to take that leap.

Our story isn’t unique, as we’re sure many people feel the same way – inspired by influential leaders and ready to make a change for future generations. So, if you’re ready to try something new, look no further than WILDFANG.

Start Your Journey With Bold Looks

If you're inspired to try gender-fluid fashion, explore our gender-neutral clothing. We design each item with every body type in mind, and that’s apparent in our inclusive sizing from XS to 3X. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical production practices ensures that our clothing is stylish, responsible, and environmentally friendly.

Fashion should be an expression of individuality. WILDFANG will empower you to express yourself authentically and confidently as you join the movement to break down traditional gender norms.