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How to Style a Jumpsuit: 5 Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for a chic and multi-functional ensemble, a jumpsuit or coverall is the perfect answer. What’s the difference between the two? Although it’s commonly seen in work-wear attire, fashion trends transformed jumpsuits and coveralls into a versatile outfit for any occasion and body type.

Coordinating a one-piece look can be intimidating—that’s why ourcoveralls collection offers a variety of jumpsuit styles to dress up or down. Get inspired and learn how to style a jumpsuit with five tips to pull a memorable look.

#1 Cool and Casual

A coverall provides a perfect mix of cool and comfort for a casual look. From casual grocery runs to catching up with friends over brunch, this timeless ensemble will ensure that you look great. 

Keep it simple with a classicdenim coveralls and sneakers combo, or swap in a platform ankle boot for a punk-rock style. If you’re ready to hit the beach, then grab your favorite pair of sandals to easily slip on and off. Not only will you look put together in a flash, but it'll be comfortable, too—just the perfect ensemble for when you don't have time to think about your outfit.

#2 Polished and Chic

Can you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding or a special event? Even though they’re commonly seen in casual attire, you can actually spice up your look in multiple ways for an event with a dress code. Dressing up your jumpsuit or coverall is easy with the right pairings.

Starting from the bottom, opt for high heels or wedges that can elongate your silhouette. It pairs well with wide-legged bottoms as we’ve been seeing with the revival of flared jeans. We recommend having the bottom cut by your ankles to give the illusion of longer legs when you wear heels.

Don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry or clutch that complements the overall look. There’s different ways to approach this by matching your shoes to your bag. Alternatively, keep the focus on your top-half with statement earrings and a necklace for a level of sophistication.

#3 Layer with Purpose

Coveralls are unique in the sense that things can be layered underneath and outside of them. Whether you’re prepping for the colder months or looking to stay cool in the summer, layering with your coveralls can take it to the next level. Abutton up shirt orblazer coat are great options to explore. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

#4 Accessorize Fearlessly

Spice up your overalls with stunning and one-of-a-kind accessories that embody your personal style. There’s never too much or too little when it comes to what makes you feel like your best self. Add some flair when you style jumpsuits with:

  • Clips, pins, and patches – Who said accessories are just for your hands, ears, and neck? Customize your coverall withcollar clips, band patches, or enamel pins that you love. 
  • Hair accessories Expand the playing field to your hair with stylish barrettes and bobby pins. On a casual day, opt for a boldbeanie orhat to elevate your outfit.
  • Statement belts – A belt can really pull an outfit together. You can choose leather or chain material to accentuate your waistline and make it pop. We’re also seeing trends from the runway of using ribbon and string, which is a cost-effective way to level up your look.

#5 Add Bold Prints and Colors 

If you’re starting with a neutral tone like a black jumpsuit or coverall, then you can play around with colorful prints for a pop of color. This is great because you can elevate your wardrobe staple to create many creative looks.

Mix it Up with WILDFANG

The best part about jumpsuits and coveralls are their never-ending outfit choices. They’re perfect for any season because they go well with everything. Follow our style tips to build the basics of your outfit. Then, add your personal touch to an outfit with high-quality clothes and accessories that speak to you. 

AtWILDFANG, we love mixing and matching our pieces to create unique outfits. Play with prints and textures, and don't be afraid to break the rules.