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The Perfect Summer Suit Does Exist

When the temperatures heat up and you start moving your winter wardrobe to the back of your closet, you might wonder where to put your suits and tuxedos. Should you squeeze them in with the rest of the jackets and sweaters? Or do you keep them front and center and make the most of every suit-worthy occasion?

Definitely the latter.

You can adapt your style to thrive during the hot summer season. A lightweight suit or asleeveless vest with a bold color may be exactly what you need to wear to your next summer event. Aflowy pair of trousers or pleated pants may become your summer fashion staple. 

From sizzling summer weddings to after-work cocktail hours, we’ve compiled a list of the best summer suits so you can confidently stride through any occasion.

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Art deco patterned blazer


#1 Bold Colors

What is it about winter that drives us to don our darkest colors? When the cold seeps in, anything black, gray, or navy suddenly becomes a wardrobe staple—but the start of summer shakes up the entire color wheel. Colors areeverything during hot weather. 

From crimson to cerulean, you can’t go wrong with a bold-colored suit. A few of our favorites include:

  • The mauve monochrome– If you enjoy making a statement, why not opt for a monochrome look from top to bottom? Enter: the matchingblazer andwide-leg trousers. As a whole, it’s sophisticated, edgy, and vividlyvelvet. Enough said.
  • The mix and match – Nobody said that bold colors must match. If you prefer to shake up the status quo, go for the gold with amulti-color patterned blazer. Covered in a kaleidoscope of turquoise, mauve, black, and chili red, you can coordinate it with pants of any color.
White and black patterned short-sleeve button up

    #2 Button Ups + Vests

    Occasions that call for suits in the summer present the ultimate excuse to ditch the jacket and break out your sleeveless attire. So next time you receive an invite for a summer soirée, consider leaving your blazer at home in lieu of something a little breezier.

    With plenty of short sleeve and sleeveless garments to choose from, we’ve gathered a few of our faves depending on the type of event you’re attending:

    • For outdoor gatherings – Take the backyard picnic to the next level when you roll up in a dapperdouble-breasted vest. Keep it classic by opting for simple yet sophisticated black or go vibrant with marine blue. It’s chic, it’s airy, and it haspockets—the ultimate trifecta.
    • For work parties – Gone are the days of typical collared shirts being the epitome of style at the workplace. They’ve been replaced by the freedom to wear whatever reflects your uniqueyou-ness. In this case, their successor happens to be fittedbutton ups in fun, bold prints. FromRomantic Floral situated on a lilac backdrop to ourDoodles pattern covered in black and white geometric designs, you can be loud & proud (and fun & fashionable).
    • For a wedding on the beach – If you’re attending a summer wedding, you can’t go wrong with a timeless, fittedblack vest with a black lapel. If you’re feeling bold, wear it on its own as a statement piece with a pair of wide-leg trousers. For those who prefer the art of layering, try pairing it with a brightly colored button-up underneath.
    Citrus patterned trouser

      #3 Bottoms

      Sometimes the lower half of the ensemble is overlooked in favor of the top half. But we’re changing all that. With the perfect pair of pants, you’ll exemplify boldness from the top of your collar to the soles of your shoes.

      After you’ve picked out the perfect blazer or vest, it’s time to pair it with a trendy pair of trousers, like:

      • The fitted trouser – This is an excellent choice for someone seeking a sleek and polished appearance. If you’re sporting a solid print on top, make a statement withcitrus trousers, complete with tart yellow lemons on a bold black backdrop. You can pair them with a pair of chunky black heels or tuck the pant legs into a pair of badass combat boots.
      • The wide-leg trouser – On the other end of the pants spectrum, you might prefer a pant with awide leg. Its high waisted fit is über trendy, while the loose legs offer a perfect blend of flowy comfort for warm summer nights. You can keep your suit casual with a fresh pair of sneakers or dress it up with faux leather mules.
      Wide-legged patterned trousers

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